Garden Spike Light/ Tree Light

Garden Spike Light/ Tree Light

Garden Spike Light/ Tree Light

Garden Spike Lights are outdoor lighting fixtures specifically designed for illuminating garden areas, pathways, and landscaping features. They are characterized by their slender, spike-like construction, allowing them to be easily inserted into the ground for installation. 

Key Features

Adjustability: Many garden spike lights feature adjustable heads or swivel mounts, allowing for precise aiming of the light beam to highlight specific garden elements or pathways.

Lighting Options: Available in various light outputs, beam angles, and color temperatures to suit different applications and design preferences.

Energy Efficiency: LED garden spike lights offer energy-efficient operation, providing bright illumination while consuming minimal power.

Low Profile: The slender and unobtrusive design of spike lights allows them to blend seamlessly into garden landscapes without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

Ease of Installation: Simple to install, requiring only a soft ground surface for insertion and minimal wiring for connection to a power source.

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