LYNMO Zoomable

LYNMO Zoomable

LYNMO Zoomable

LYNMO Zoomable

Projector&Column Projector Light

Special housing designs and high-quality optical components specifically for demanding visual tasks to provide enhanced visual comfort.Discreet and compact aesthetically designed architectural outdoor spotlight,ideal for glare-free accent lighting,flood lighting and wall washing in the outdoor area.

LYNMO Zoomable

01Technical Specifications

-Housing: CNC 6063# aluminum ,Matt silver/black anodized Finish or powder coated

-Lens: Opticallens ,efficiency>85%.

-Glass Cover: Tempered glass.T= 4mmDriver: Constant current output,Constant current output

-Power Cable:H05RN-F21.0MML=0.5M(Low voltage) H05RN-F3*1.0MML=0.5M(High voltage)

-Operating Temperature:-20C-40°C

-Base: Aluminum

-Dimmable Support:Triac/PWM/0-10V/DALI/DMX512


LYNMO Zoomable


LYNMO Zoomable

Zoomable Projector Light Manufacturer|BITASO

As a leading Zoomable Projector Light Manufacturer, our advantages are rooted in innovation and quality. Our lights, equipped with advanced zooming capabilities, superior brightness, and color temperature control, empower users to customize their lighting experience.

Zoomable Projector Light Product Features:

Zooming Capability: Our zoomable projector lights offer unparalleled flexibility with adjustable zooming capabilities. This feature allows users to adapt the beam angle according to different spatial requirements, providing versatile lighting solutions for various applications.


Brightness and Lumens: With a focus on delivering outstanding performance, our projector lights boast impressive brightness and lumens. Whether it's for presentations, events, or other settings, our lights ensure optimal visibility and clarity.


Color Temperature Control: Tailor the ambiance to your preference with our zoomable projector lights featuring color temperature control. Adjust the color temperature to create different atmospheres, meeting diverse visual needs with ease.


Zoomale projector light Strict Quality Control and Certification:

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure that our zoomable projector lights meet and exceed industry standards. Rest assured, our products are certified to guarantee reliability and performance.

Application of Zoomable Projector Light:

Business Presentations: Enhance your business presentations with our zoomable projector lights, allowing for dynamic adjustments to accommodate various meeting room sizes and lighting conditions.


Entertainment Events: Create captivating atmospheres at events with the adaptability of our lights. Whether it's a concert, theater production, or outdoor gathering, our zoomable projector lights offer versatile lighting effects.


Architectural Lighting: Illuminate architectural features with precision using our zoomable projector lights. Highlight building facades, monuments, and landmarks to create visually stunning effects.



Illuminate your world with precision and versatility. Choose BITASO as your trusted Zoomable Projector Light Manufacturer. Explore our range for unmatched features and reliability. Contact us today to transform your lighting experience!


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