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AGLAIA series led landscape projector light, the base mounted spot lights with ADC12# die-casting aluminum, black/grey/white finished color. Better weatherproof performance, withstand different outdoor weather. Bright and warm architectural lighting, 6W-48W, 2700-6500K, RGB, RGBW, AC110-130V, AC220-240V, DC24V, Triac/ 0-10V/ DALI/ DMX512 dimming, multiple beam angles available led outdoor luminaire. It can be widely used in garden, path, lawn, courtyard, patio, driveway, outdoor decoration. Let the 'darkness' have nowhere to hide.


01Technical Specifications

Luminaire Structure

- Housing: ADC12# Die-casting aluminum

- Lens: Optical lens , efficiency>85%

- Glass Cover: Tempered glass. T= 4mm

- Dimmable: Triac/Dali/0-10V/PWM/DMX512

- Power Cable: H05RN-F2*1.0mm²L=0.5M( Low voltage). H05RN-F3x1.0mm²L=0.5M(high voltage)

- Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃





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As a leading LED projector light supplier, BITASO stands out for its unwavering commitment to product excellence and performance. Our projector lights, characterized by superior brightness, color accuracy, and energy efficiency, cater to a myriad of applications, from entertainment and architecture to corporate presentations. With a diverse product portfolio and customization options, BITASO ensures that clients can find tailored solutions for their specific needs.

Product Quality and Performance:

Brightness and Clarity: BITASO's LED projector lights boast a high lumen output, ensuring exceptional brightness across diverse applications. From large-scale outdoor events to architectural lighting, the superior brightness caters to various needs, providing optimal visibility and impact.

Color Rendering: BITASO prioritizes color accuracy in its projector lights. The advanced technology ensures precise color reproduction, a crucial factor for applications where color accuracy is paramount. Whether it's for artistic displays or professional presentations, BITASO's projectors deliver vibrant and true-to-life colors.

Product Range and Customization:

Diverse Energy-Efficient Product Portfolio: BITASO offers a diverse portfolio of energy-efficient projector lights designed for different purposes. This includes solutions for outdoor events, architectural lighting to enhance building aesthetics, and indoor displays for dynamic presentations. The versatility of the product range caters to a broad spectrum of lighting needs.

Customization Options: Understanding the unique requirements of clients, BITASO stands out by providing customization options. Whether it's adapting the projector for a specific environment or incorporating branding elements, BITASO ensures that its clients have the flexibility to tailor the solution to their precise needs.

Application of LED Projector Light:

BITASO's LED projector lights find application across a wide array of scenarios. From creating immersive atmospheres in entertainment venues and highlighting architectural features to delivering impactful presentations in corporate settings, BITASO's projectors excel in diverse applications. The versatility of these lights extends to enhancing retail spaces and contributing to the overall ambiance in various commercial and public settings.

Explore our diverse range of LED projector lights and experience lighting solutions tailored to your unique needs. Transform any space with BITASO's commitment to brilliance and customization.

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